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Discover Grenoble with one of its inhabitants

Let yourself be surprised by a resident of this vibrant metropolis who is resolutely looking to the future and who has preserved the traces of a rich past.
Grenoble offers countless possibilities for walks; from its small pedestrian streets to its recent award-winning eco-neighbourhoods at the national level to the proud hill of the Bastille.
This Greeters approach is coordinated by the Grenoble-Alpes Metropolitan Tourist Office as part of its mission to welcome visitors.

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How to book a Greet?

Fill in the form (click on the right) if possible a few days before the date of your visit
We put you in touch with an available greeter that best suits your interests
You define together an appointment and a schedule that suits you

>Our walks

The following themes are angles of strolls but the most important thing is to meet and discover the city through the experience of a resident!

  • Photography
  • Good urban plans
  • Parks and gardens
  • Science and informatics
  • Local cuisine
  • Sport
  • Bike ride

What do our visitors say, after a walk with a Greeter in Grenoble

Fev 2019
Bonjour! It was very nice walk, greeter shown me many great places to visit in the city center, told about local culture, where I can buy something, where I can spend my time and so on. It is my first visit to France so it was very important, it helps understand what can I do here in my first french days.

Ivan Z.


Oct 2018
Grâce à vous, Grenoble a une âme, un passé et de beaux monuments. Merci pour vos explications détaillées. Et merci de nous avoir poussés à monté en haut de la colline de l’autre côté de Grenoble avec vue imprenable. Ma famille et moi avons appris beaucoup de choses et avons été ravis de ce bon moment.

Claude P.


Oct 2019
Elena was a wonderful representative for Grenoble. The walk was very relaxed and gave an insight from a local perspective of the city from cafés, patisseries, museums, streets with interesting bites of information given throughout. Elena was a great guide I would definitely recommend doing a Greeters walk with her!

Aline G.


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